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Damenti's Ice Bar Open for Business | News

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Damenti's Ice Bar Open for Business

Even though this has been a mild winter so far it is very icy in one part of Luzerne County.

In fact a whole bar is made out of ice and it opens Friday night.

Newswatch 16 stopped by Damenti's in Mountain Top where a drink on the rocks means more than just a few ice cubes.

They are carving up the final pieces inside the frozen world of Damenti's Ice Bar in Mountain Top.

It's an annual tradition at the restaurant to serve up drinks on ice, all ice. The walls, the bar, just about everything is frozen.

"You gotta experience it. You have to be there, you have to say, 'Is this really ice?'" said Damenti's owner Kevin McDonald.

There are many details carved into the walls. This year there's a frozen Roman theme.

McDonald calls in ice carver friends to work their magic for customers to enjoy.

"And then they say, 'How do you do that? And then you show it's really not hard. It's a great spectator sport, people love it," McDonald added.

The ice bar operates like any other bar. It's just a little cooler in here.

If it gets warm again, as it has been all winter, don't worry. The place is prepared for mild weather.

"It's under refrigeration. We've insulated the walls. We've done everything we could think of to make sure it lasts. We think we can about two, two and a half months run out of this," said McDonald.

For hism this is business mixed with pleasure. He said he's been ice carving for 26 years. Now he and his friends show off their skills.

The ice bar is open to the public, just don't forget to bundle up.

"It's fun. It's a good time and it's beautiful. These guys know what they're doing," said McDonald.

The ice bar at Damenti's is open on weekends. It's also available for charitable events. It's along Route 309 in Mountain Top.


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