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Holly Crawford: A Look Back

LUZERNE COUNTY — Holly Crawford is locked up without bail in Luzerne County.

Crawford and her boyfriend, James Roche, face charges of criminal homicide.

For some who know Holly Crawford, it is a shock.

“Her activities were always very low key, non-violent, never knew her to be a violent person. Even in the cat case, she was doing something from a business perspective, not to be cruel or hurt anyone,” said attorney John Pike.

John Pike was once Holly Crawford’s attorney.

In 2010, she was convicted of animal cruelty.

Investigators said she pierced kittens and tried to sell them as Gothic cats.

It is a case that got national and even international attention.

According to court records, Crawford has been in trouble repeatedly, but never for serious violent offenses and has admitted to having substance abuse problems.

Wannabe Robber’s Plan Foiled by Employee

WILKES-BARRE — Police are investigating an attempted robbery at a pizza place in Wilkes-Barre.

Officers said someone tried to rob Pete’s Place on Blackman Street just after 8 p.m. Wednesday. A man handed an employee a note demanding money. The employee said he threw the note at the man and told him to leave. The crook left empty-handed.

The employee said the man appeared to be in his early twenties, 5’9,” wearing a white knit hat, pink gloves, and white sneakers with green shoelaces.

Should Convicted Killers Get Contact Visits in Prison?

HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP – From alongside Route 11, State Correctional Institute Retreat looks like a fortress, with the Susquehanna River serving as a moat.

Prison Superintendent Theresa Delbaso showed Newswatch 16 the metal detectors and screening that visitors must pass through, before they can visit one of the 1,800 inmates locked up at SCI Retreat.

“We provide a wholesome, very clean, family-friendly atmosphere down here that our visits are conducted uneventfully, and it’s proven to be a good thing,” said Delbaso.”We promote it very much. I get many calls from families concerned about their loved ones here. The first thing I will say is please come visit.”

Many of the inmates are allowed to visit with family and friends on an approved list in the prison’s community room.

The room for contact visits has couches and vending machines, with room for about 70 inmates, visitors and corrections officers.

Power To Save: “Color Cycling” To Reuse Old Markers

In our weekly Power to Save reports, we’ve talked about recycling, e-cycling, up-cycling and more.

Now we’re taking a look at “color cycling.”  Crayola has come up with a way to turn old markers into fuel.

Markers are a fixture in every school and almost every house with kids. But even the youngest kids at Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston know those markers eventually run out of ink.

But at this school, they aren’t going in the trash.

“Those that don’t work, we recycle them.”

While we were there, some of the students were testing all the markers.

“Just marking these out and if some of them don’t work, we recycle them,” said Tristan Natez.

Actually, they “color cycle” them.  A box filling up with spent markers will head to Crayola to be put to a new use.

Musto Fondly Remembered

PITTSTON — The death of former state senator Ray Musto of Luzerne County comes less than a month after he was released from a federal medical center in North Carolina where he was sent after a judge ruled he wasn’t competent to stand trial in a federal corruption case.

On this day that Ray Musto died, most people we talked with in the Pittston area only wanted to remember the good, and they said there’s a lot of it.

Musto’s life ended with federal corruption charges hanging over his legacy but today, those we spoke with wanted to talk about his four decades of service to the Pittston area and its surroundings.

It was an announcement at the Pittston Senior Center that quickly spread sadness through a place that was very familiar with Ray Musto.

Police: Arguments, Jealousy Led To Double Homicide

HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP — We are learning more information about what happened before and after a shooting Monday night that left a father and son dead.

Troopers say a tumultuous relationship boiled over this week.

Court records indicate that this deadly shooting happened Monday evening   but the bodies of Ronald and Jeffrey Evans weren’t found until Wednesday.

Troopers spent a second day in Sweet Valley, this time searching through the mobile home on a dirt road where James Roche and Holly Crawford lived.

Court records indicate their relationship was rocky and Roche was jealous of Crawford’s previous relationship with 73-year-old Ronald Evans, known to friends as “Barney.”

Troopers say Evans and his son Jeffrey were found shot to death at their home in Hunlock Township.

Police Search For Driver in Hotel Room Crash

PITTSTON — Police in Pittston are searching for the driver who crashed into a hotel room at the Knights Inn on Route 315.

It all began around 1 a.m. Thursday.

Authorities said the driver of a Mustang led police on a half mile chase on Route 315.

The police chief said an officer saw the man speeding after getting off Interstate 81.

When the cop tried to pull the Mustang over, the driver wouldn’t stop and tried to lose the police cruiser.

The officer eventually found the car, after the driver crash into a hotel room and fled.

The owner at the Knight’s Inn said the driver hit a tree and barely missed two parked cars before slamming into Room 201 and waking up the couple from Oklahoma.