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Couple Charged with Sexually Abusing Teenage Boy | Crime

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Couple Charged with Sexually Abusing Teenage Boy

Two people  are in the Luzerne County jail after, police said, they neglected and abused a 13-year-old boy in their care. It's a story that has shocked people in the Plymouth neighborhood.

Police arrested Robert Caravella and Carol Hann last Friday.  According to court documents, the victim was shown pornographic movies by Caravella and Hann began having sex with the victim several times a week at a home on Gould Street. 

Neighbors said they are disgusted by the allegations.

"I think it's really sick. You don't really know who your neighbors are. I am disgusted by it," said Rebecca Vetrini.

Police said the boy was kept in seclusion and seemed withdrawn.  According to court papers, the boy did not know how to use eating utensils, did not attend school, did not know how to bathe himself and did not even know how to brush his teeth.

Court papers sstate the boy was removed from the home last August after police found him living in deplorable conditions.

Neighbors said  they had no idea a 13 year old was even living there.

"That is really messed up. Who would do that to a child period? Maybe being raised by the parents I had, I had a good life compared to what he went through. Nobody should have to go through that," said 15-year-old Wendell Graves.

The boy is now being watched by other family members.  Luzerne County Children and Youth case workers said there are warning signs when a child is being abused.

"If a child becomes withdrawn, if a child has injuries that weren't there before, if the parents become withdrawn and stay closed inside, those are all warning signs for abuse," said Lauren O'Brien, a case worker with Luzerne County Children and Youth.

Caravella and Hann are being held under $100,000 at the Luzerne County jail.


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